About Ryan Nivakoff

Ryan Nivakoff is the co-founder of Parvus Rex Capital, a boutique private equity firm with a diverse portfolio of traditional and alternative investments. He is also CEO of the e-cigarette startup NJOY.

Ryan Nivakoff: Startup Portfolio

Among other activities, Parvus Rex Capital promoted sustainability by actively investing in carbon credit projects. This portion of its portfolio aligned with Nivakoff’s personal efforts to champion carbon-neutral and -negative initiatives that offer favorable outcomes for businesses, policymakers, environmental advocates, and passive stakeholders.

In 2012, Ryan Nivakoff opened Harding’s, a critically acclaimed New American eatery in the Flatiron District of New York City, with two longtime business partners. The trio renovated the space in less than two months, working through power losses and localized flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy. Star chef Ariel Fox’s dinner menu included a signature Thanksgiving meal that Nivakoff and his partners decided to serve year-round. Harding’s is still going strong, with a beverage menu that features exclusively domestic wine, beer, and spirits.

In 2018, Nivakoff became CEO of NJOY, an e-cigarette firm that manufactures a range of vaping products and accessories, including disposable and rechargeable e-cigs and fluid cartridges.

At NJOY, Nivakoff leads a growing team of professionals that share a passion for reducing the harm associated with tobacco combustion and increasing the pleasure and convenience of vaping for responsible adult customers. NJOY’s reusable products feature long-lasting, rechargeable batteries that provide hours or days of charge and support easy delivery of NJOY’s proprietary nicotine-salt formula. NJOY also manufactures spill-proof, disposable e-cigarette products for vaping without the hassle of refills or top-up charges.

Founded in 2012, NJOY has adopted a singular mission under Nivakoff’s guidance: to “make smoking history.” Professionally and personally, Nivakoff is committed to expanding the range and accessibility of reliable alternatives to cigarettes, cigars, and other traditional combustion-based nicotine delivery products.

Even before accepting his present role with NJOY, Nivakoff was a passionate advocate for harm reduction and smoking cessation. He oversees NJOY’s contract with the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), which charges NJOY with supplying a standardized research e-cigarette for use in third-party research studies funded by the U.S. government. Nivakoff and his team at NJOY are optimistic about the potential for this project to “improve the lives of smokers in the United States and across the world.”

Ryan Nivakoff: Early Career

The founding of Parvus Rex Capital marked a career change for Nivakoff, who previously served on the New York Police Department. His experience on the force proved invaluable in his efforts to help his father, retired Stamford, Connecticut, police chief Bob Nivakoff, publish a thriller novel with former New York City chief of police John Cutter. Entitled “The Squad Room,” the novel follows an NYPD captain as he doggedly pursues a serial killer across New York’s five boroughs.

A proud graduate of Columbia University, Nivakoff played Division I football and baseball during his four years in the Ivy League. Today, he’s an active member of the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation, a nonprofit that underwrites scholarships and other forms of financial support for Gold Star families.

Ryan Nivakoff resides in New York City. When he’s not working, he can be found exploring his home city or indulging his love of international travel.